Budget Meeting

Public meeting Scheduled for October 11, 2022 at 7pm.

Notice of Public Hearing on Preliminary budget for town of Centerville, NY

Notice is hereby given that the Preliminary Budget of the Town Of Centerville for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2023 has been completed and filed with the Town Clerk in the town office at 8902 County Road 3,  where it is available for inspection by any interested persons at all reasonable hours.

  Further notice is hereby given that the Public Hearing on said Budget will be held on October 11, 2022  at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall and at such hearing any person may be heard in favor or against any item or items contained.

Therein, Pursuant to Section 113 of the Town Law, the proposed salaries of the following:

Supervisor                   $ 3600.00

Town Clerk                     $4400.00

Tax Collection                 $1600.00

Councilmen (4)               $3600.00

Deputy Supervisor         $ 200.00

Town Justice                    $2200.00

Highway Supt.              $50,544.00

Assessor                            $8632.00

Barbara Covert, Town Clerk

For the Centerville Town Board

Minutes from February 8, 2022 meeting

Town of Centerville Allegany County New York State 02/08/2022

The organizational and regular meeting of the Town Board, Town of Centerville, County of Allegany, New York was held at the Centerville Town Building 8902 County Road 3

Present: Marc Bliss                               Supervisor

John Clayson                           Councilman/Deputy Supervisor

Ron Pixley                             Councilman

Max Hodnett                          Councilman

Mike Vosburg                         Councilman

Barbara Covert                       Clerk/Tax Collector

Kaleb Armison                        Highway Superintendent

Deborah Kaltenbaugh             deputy town clerk

Supervisor Marc Bliss called meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance at 7:09PM

Public comments:

Philip Stockin, District legislator, Brian Herring concerned citizen, Kevin Fred Demick, Jen Ricketts Swales and Justin Henry-Allegany Highway Superintendent were present.

Justin presented plans for the reconstruction of the corner at county road 36, county road 3 and North Hill Road.  Copy of all their proposals are in minute book. There was much discussion on the proposals.  The board did not like the idea that there would be no lighted stop signs.

 Minutes of the January 11, 2022, were read and were accepted after changes were made Motion by Marc Bliss Seconded by Mike Vosburg Unanimously approved

Clerk report: 1 death certificate, 5 dog licenses and 1 handicap certificates

More Covid test kits and KN95 masks were received from the county to be distributed during office hours to residents of Centerville, one per family. Received 35 kits this time.

Tax collector reported that checks were given to supervisor for $514,320.00 for towns share of taxes and $47,268.47 to Allegany County as of January 29.    

No dog control issues

No Town justice report

Old business:

Marc has all the paperwork into National Grid for the Led Lighting

Board of elections was here and the only correction we have to make is to make the cement by the meeting room door level to bottom of door.  Will start working on when weather changes.

The people have not contacted Marc back yet on the activating the monitoring for the fire alarm system

New business

The board discussed a little more about the county’s proposal and wants to draft a letter to send to the county asking for lighted stop signs. 

 Motion           Jon Clayson   Seconded        Ron Pixley Approved        unanimously

Monthly Budget:

A report was made on the monthly budget by Supervisor Marc Bliss.

Bank balances approximately: highway $ 81,196.    general: $352,737(taxes have not been divided to highway or fire district yet)

Could not make a motion to accept supervisor report as it was incorrect,

Highway department news:

Kaleb has ordered the salt shed discussed at January meeting and contract has been signed. It will probably be August before they can start. It was decided that the 62’ X 82’ high top with a 25-year warranty would be the best at a cost of around $276,000. 

No news on contained fuel tanks

new pick-up truck was supposed to be in, but Kaleb has not called on it. 

Kaleb has ordered a new plow truck

The plow and box is up to approximately $133,000. Discussion was started by Ron Pixley that maybe we should order this also and put in garage until truck comes.

Work completed-some plowing and some maintenance

Work planned

Equipment repairs-down one truck to put a new line in

No building permits were here to approve


A motion was made to approve all bills as presented to the board

            Moved             Ron Pixley

            Seconded        Marc Bliss

            Approved        Unanimously

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 PM

            Moved             Jon Clayson

            Seconded        Marc Bliss

            Approved        unanimously

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Covert

Town Clerk

Centerville NY

Board Meeting December 14, 7 P.M.

Town of Centerville Board Meeting


12/14/2021 7:00 pm Town Buildings

Open meeting/Pledge

Public Comments:

Town Clerk:          Minutes of 11/09/2021

                                Clerk Report: 2 dog licenses ,  2 handicap stickers, 2 death certifiates

Dog Control:         Report

Town Justice:        Report

Old Business:

New Business:

Opt-out discussion for marjana

Switching to LED lighting

Fire alarm notification

Christmas Tree Lighting

Historian Report

MACE budget

Ag and Market Grant for shelter

Tax collector hours

Financial reports

Highway Department:

Salt sheds

Self contained fuel tanks

Update on new truck

Work Completed

Work Planned

Equipment repairs

Building permits

Public comments

Pay Bills




Anyone having problems with dogs please call Max Hodnett  585-322-4301

The Centerville Town Board passed a motion at the board meeting, Feb. 14th to  INCREASE

the dog license fees effective April 1, 2017.

NEUTERED/SPAYED  Dogs    Town Fee  $12.00     State Fee $3.00                                                                   Total   $15.oo

Not NEUTERED OR SPAYED    Town Fee    $20.00    State Fee $3.00                                                             Total  $23.00