Piano at the Town Hall

From TC minutes

PIANO LISTTODAY 007 June 6, 1930   The Town Board accepts the Emerson piano from the following subscribers: T. J. McElroy, J. R. Waterman, F. Winnifred Powell, Mrs. J. R. Waterman, E.J. Ballard, J.A. Wilcox, S. E. Bliss, Carl C. Findlay, Henry Sator, Henry Williams, D.L. Veazey, Dan Moore, Centerville Home Bureau, Dana Wilklow, John Wolfer, D.D. Clark, C.B. Waldradt, Beck Flint, Fred J. Wolfer, Milton Turner, R.L. Richardson, E. D. Lynde, L. W. Blanchard, C.H. Pomeroy, John Fabian, Dora Vosburg, Gilbert Turner, R. B. Pingray, D. J. Owens, C. E. Ferrin, Lloyd Ballard, George Hatch, Jessie L McKerrow, Manly F. Vosburg amounting to ($101.00) one hundred one dollars for piano and ($5.00) five dollars for cartage from Buffalo.