Looking for Centerville memorabilia

Do you have any pictures of events, celebrations, parties, dinners, meetings that took place at the Centerville Town Hall?  If so, will you share them with us?  You can send them by email to centervilletownclerk@yahoo.com or mail them to Centerville Town Clerk, PO Box 4, Centerville 14029.

We would like to start a memory book sharing the year and the reason for the event.  Maybe we could put them on the website, with your permission of course.  Maybe you have a flyer or printed invitation to an event.  We’d love to see that too.

Do you have something you would like to donate?  Carol Bliss, our historian, is actively adding papers, pictures and newspaper clippings to the collections to be available by visiting here or contacting her directly.  Maybe you have something that was from Centerville and you would like to see it come back here.  Please let us know.

Please share this request with others.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dorothy and Carol

Wind Measurement Towers

RES  North America Leasing, LLC  of Broomfield, CO.  filed an application for wind measurement towers in accordance with Local Law No. 1 of 2010, Sections 22 on the property of John and Lydia Miller and on the property of  Marvin Covert, in the Town of Centerville.


Invenergy Wind Development LLC of Chicago, IL filed an application for a wind management tower in accordance with Local Law No.1 of 2010, Sections 22 on the property of Richard Kolakowski, in the Town of Centerville.


Board Meetings

Will be held at the Town Hall, 10965 Rushford Rd. at

7pm October 1st to April 30     and at 8pm May 1 to Sept 30

(if needed, a 2nd meeting would be on the 4th Tuesday, same times)