Centerville, NY

 Centerville Town Board meets:

Between October 1- March 31:
7:00 pm the 2nd Tuesday monthly at the
Centerville Town Hall,
Between April 1- September 30:
8:00pm the 2nd Tuesday monthly.
Centerville Town Hall, 10965 Rushford Road.

An additional meeting the 4th Tuesday monthly will be held at the same time and place on an “as needed” basis

Town Clerk office Hours

Held at the  Town Hall

Every Tuesday 10-12pm

Also, the first and third Saturday of the Month from 9-12pm  

The Office phone number   585-567-8424

Please join us for the second annual Centerville Community Picnic to be held September 12, 2015 at the Higgins Church pavilion, starting with farm tours from 10am to 12pm:

1) Jeremy & Sara Hatch     2)  Abe & Fanny Miller       3)  Mike & Barb Vosburg
113274 County Rd. 36,            11295 North Hill Rd.        9027 County Rt 3

Blessings at the Pavilion 1 pm

Tyler Covert will be sharing Centerville’s Civil War Soldiers.

Please bring a dish to pass and pictures, stories, books, clothing, or something else you’d like to share.

Here is a handy database for researching properties in Allegany County:

Allegany County Property Search

A new page has been added in a Tab at the top entitled “History”. The 26 page “History of Centerville” written by Marvin Blanchard in 1908 is published in pdf format there. Citizens are invited to submit similar records to the Town Clerk for possible publication on the “History” page.

For the convenience of the public, I have posted a downloadable pdf version of the “Town of Centerville Special Hauling Application/Permit” on the “Forms” page

APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL HAULING PERMIT: to move over Town Highways a vehicle or combination of vehicles exceeding the dimensions and weight as specified in Article 10, Section 385 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

COLD WAR VETERANS EXEMPTION – Allegany County has adopted the Cold War Veterans Exemption.
Simply put, this exemption (for 2009 assessment rolls) reduces your
taxable assessed value by 10% not to exceed $4,000. To qualify you must have
served on active duty for 6 months or more from 2 September 1945 through 26
December 1991. The property must be your PRIMARY RESIDENCE and you must
complete an application (available at the assessor office) and provide your DD
Form 214. As with all exemptions the cut off is taxable status day (Prior to 1
March). If you are already receiving a veterans exemption (15% or 25% not to
exceed $6,000 or $10,000) then you do not want to apply for the Cold War
Veterans Exemption as you can only have one.

ENHANCED STAR AND AGED EXEMPTION RENEWALS – The renewal applications will be
mailed out the first week of November. Once you receive it you only need to
sign the application and return it PRIOR TO 1 MARCH 2016 with:
1. Copy of front page of your 2015 tax return (1040 or 1040A). Remember we
always use the previous year since taxes are not due until 15 April and our
taxable status day is 1 March. If you are no longer required to file then a
simple note stating so is sufficient.
2. Copy of your Social Security Benefits Statement (both spouses if
applicable). If you can not locate your benefits statement I will use a copy of
any monthly bank statement and multiple the direct deposit from the US Treasury
Department by twelve.

AGRICULTURAL EXEMPTIONS RENEWALS – The renewal applications will be mailed out
the second week of November. Once you receive it you only need to sign the
application and return it PRIOR TO 1 MARCH 2016 with:
1. 2015 Schedule F (profit/loss of farm income)
2. New Soil Sheets if required (any change in acreage requires a new soil
3. New lease agreement if your current agreement has terminated.

“arm-length” sales. There have been many questions pertaining to the
current NATIONAL housing market. Allegany County was one of six counties in New York State whose market/sales actually increased last year versus the National
decrease in residential sales. Currently, Centerville’s sales (as with most
of Allegany County) exceed the assessed value and the town’s equalization
rate for 2015 remained at 94%.

Anyone with any questions pertaining to exemptions and/or assessment should
contact the Assessor (Russ Heslin) at (585) 437-2206 or PO Box 38, Rushford, NY

Keep checking back as information will be added…….thank you

Centerville Cemetery
County Line Cemetery
Bates Cemetery
Rogers Cemetery
Cadwell Corners Cemetery

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